Certifications Guarantee Original spare parts guarantees


We offer more than 2,000 products annually that meet the highest quality standards and European regulations.


AENOR certifies that an industrial or consumer product meets the quality characteristics defined by the Spanish and European standards.

Our AENOR certifications:

SOLESTOP - AENOR certificate corresponding to the UNE-EN 816 standard, for timed taps.

Single-lever taps - AENOR certificate corresponding to the UNE-EN 817 standard, for single-lever taps


The NF certifies that an industrial or consumer product meets the quality characteristics defined by the French and European standards.


The maximum volume of water if the product has been installed correctly and according to the manufacturer´s instructions


French certification which regulates the materials in contact with water.


Belgian Federation for the Water Sector

See our BELGAQUA certificates


National water agency in Singapur


The DVGW Certification Body enables product manufacturers, specialist companies, utility companies and experts to furnish proof positive of compliance with state-of-the-art requirements.


Mandatory technical regulation. The purpose of NOM is to guarantee that the labeling of products marketed in the country, whether national or imported, contains commercial information in Spanish so that consumers can make an appropriate purchase decision; give consumers confidence that the product is reliable; expand the power of choice and prevent the use or consumption of the product representing a health risk.


The Egyptian Organization for Standardization (EOS) establishes mandatory ecological criteria in terms of water consumption efficiency, materials in contact with drinking water, prohibited substances, longevity of products, packaging and user information. Having the ECOLABEL labeling is a guarantee of compliance of our products with all these requirements.


Compliance of the ministry of industry in accordance with the product's compliance with the country's regulatory requirements.




We have joined to the "Positive Industry" transformation movement created by the Amec community. Industry has a challenge: the commitment to adapt the world to a new era and make changes as safe, transversal and positive as possible for companies, for society and for the planet. As an industrial brand for 130 years, we have been supporting and collaborating with the social and economic function of our sector, promoting progress with innovation and sustainability, in all the processes involved and in the final product. This is why we take part in this initiative.


Ramon Soler guarantees its tapsware for 5 years against any structural, material or manufacturing defects.

Proof of purchase must be shown via an invoice or receipt.

For the warranty claim to be covered, in each case the defect must be revised and accepted by the quality and technical department which will determine whether the defect is covered or not.

The warranty includes the partial or total repair / replacement of the part,with the following considerations: 

  • The installation has been carried out according to the corresponding instructions for use or installation.
  • The use, maintenance and cleaning (has been undertaken) have been carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • The spare parts are originals.

The warranty  does not cover installation costs or possible damages that may have been produced directly or indirectly.

In the case of sets of different components, if one of the pieces has a manufacturing defect, the affected piece will be repaired or replaced, but in any case the whole set will  be replaced. In case that at the time of the application of the guarantee the product is no longer manufactured, a similar product of the same quality will be supplied.

The repair or replacement of the components of the product does not extend the warranty.

The thermostatic and timed cartridges and electronic mechanisms have a 2-year warranty. Accessories (hoses, shower handles, heads, supports, shower columns) also have a 2 year warranty.

Consumable materials and those that wear out from ordinary use (batteries, filters, seals,, aerators, etc ...) are not covered by this warranty, unless manufacturing defects are demonstrated.

Damages caused by improper use, defective assembly, natural wear or improper maintenance methods are excluded from this guarantee.

Claims for defects in products that are under the warranty period do not imply the waiver of the consumer legal rights due to the lack of conformity of the products.


Claims should be directed to the distributor or supplier of the product so that they can manage the warranty with the manufacturer.

In case of not being able to contact the distributor / supplier of the product, you may contact Industrias Ramón Soler, S.A:

At. Customer: + 34 93 373 80 01

The action to claim the fulfillment of the additional commercial warranty will prescribe six months from the end of the warranty period.

Original spare parts guarantee

The Consumer and User Law, in the section that regulates after-sales services, says that companies have to offer spare parts for a minimum period of five years since the product is no longer manufactured.

At Ramon Soler we supply spare parts for up to 10 years or more, after the faucet model ceases to be manufactured.

Contact our technical department to get your original spare part.