How to save water

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Sustainability, water saving and energy efficiency have become essential qualities for the home and public spaces. Innovation allows us to create products to make our lives easier and now more than ever, humanity is aware of how important it is to take care of the environment, for this reason we must take care of all the details, and there is nothing better than starting by saving where we spend the most. .

Next, we will tell you how taps can reduce water consumption in each use we make of them, without even realizing it, in the most subtle and uncomplicated way.

Our single-lever basin mixers, free-standing columns, shower columns, built-in basins and built-in showers incorporate water and energy saving systems, without forgetting the trend design, which we all like to see in elements that are part of the interior. of a space, such as taps.

A faucet must have a design that takes care of both the exterior and, even more so the interior, incorporates the most advanced technology thanks to which it can equip a complete bathroom offering safety, savings and design. All this gathered in the same product.

Water Saving System S2/ C2

Our mixer taps incorporate an intermediate stop in the vertical travel of the lever. In this way, the user encounters a small resistance that causes the single-lever lever to move to an intermediate position, providing a flow with 50% water savings. In the event that it is necessary to have more flow, you simply have to overcome the aforementioned limit and open the tap completely. This system is also known as staggered or two-stage opening.

Likewise, the C2 system, which works in the same way as S2, complies with the strict French NF regulations for saving water.

Flow limiters

We incorporate flow limiters in the taps, which allow you to adjust the maximum flow you want, reducing water consumption and maintaining comfort of use. These limiting systems are adapted to the standards of environmental certifications, LEED and BREEAM.

Water oxygenation with aerators

The taps have a water aeration system, which represents a considerable saving in consumption, while guaranteeing a more comfortable use, avoiding splashes. Mixing air and water allows water savings of 30% and greater comfort.

Electronic and timed faucets with automatic closing

Choosing taps that incorporate Contactless solutions and/or with flow supply time adjustment, will cover the greatest concerns in home installations and public spaces: safety, health, savings and accessibility.

Solestop timers include innovative systems such as QUICK SET-UP, with which we can regulate water savings. Without disassembling the faucet, in a simple way and with nothing more than a screwdriver, we can adjust the position of the hydraulic needle that will allow us to adjust the timing. In addition, they have four positions for different flows, generating higher levels of water savings.

Soltronic faucet models with electronic control and water saving systems. The most comfortable and safe option to maximize hygiene thanks to its sensors, which ensure a stable and precise flow of water over time, without the need to come into contact with the tap.
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