How to maintain faucets

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Keeping faucets looking like new is easier than it seems, it is only necessary to adopt certain practices on a day-to-day basis that we will tell you about below.

The chrome, like the first day


The surface of all our taps is very resistant and has an extra gloss finish, thanks to a studied chrome process and rigorous quality controls.

So that your taps remain as they were on the first day, with the perfect shine of the Diamond Finish chrome, do not forget to follow the following instructions.

• Use neutral PH soap

• Wipe with a soft cloth after using the faucet to prevent limescale build-up.

• Rinse with enough water to remove any remaining cleaning product.

• Dry the faucet frequently with a soft cloth. If possible, as long as there are traces of water.

Cleaning of sprinkler nozzles


Our sprinklers have flexible silicone nozzles thanks to which limescale and impurities are easily removed, even by rubbing with your fingers. We use the highest quality wear-resistant nozzles, which ensures that the sprinkler is better preserved and that its operation is 100% reliable. In the long term, good maintenance prevents technical incidents.

We emphasize that for proper maintenance of showerheads and hand showers, it is important to periodically clean the silicone nozzles, running your fingers over the nozzles making the limescale come off.

Other tips to keep in mind...

Do not use cleaning products that contain acids (hydrochloric, formic, phosphoric or acetic), alcohol, anti-lime or similar

Do not mix different cleaning products, one type of product is enough.

Do not apply the cleaning product directly on the faucet, but use a soft cloth.

Do not use abrasive products such as sponges.

Don't use vaporizers.

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