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Ramon Soler, has been synonymous of manufacture of high-quality design faucets and accessories for the bathroom, since 1890. Founded by Miguel Soler and his partner Castellá, Ramon Soler started as a small metallurgical workshop in Manresa (Barcelona) with the aim of manufacturing his own faucets, first for wine barrels and, later on, expanding his production to the sanitary branch, to move on to the comprehensive manufacturing and marketing of top-of-the-line bathroom and kitchen faucets, large showers and hydrotherapy.

The broad portfolio of products and their high quality has managed to expand the brand worldwide, being present on five continents and selling over 60 countries.

Installation videos

How to install a bathroom faucet?"

We know the importance of a correct installation, with the accuracy and precision that it entails in all its steps. That is why we want to give you a hand by putting at your disposal a series of INSTALLATION AND ASSEMBLY video tutorials of the main faucets that make up a bathroom, so that the proces...

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How to limit the maximum temperature of a wash basin mixer tap?

These avoid scalding, especially with users which are handicapped and also save on hot water consumption. For hospitals or old peoples homes, we recommend limiting the hot water temperature by blocking the travel of the tap handle.

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How to install a thermostatic concealed 1 and 2 ways extension kit?

Thermostatic shower with Superslim metal plate to embed in the wall, without visible screws. Easy installation with level included. Unlike conventional mixers, we do not have to regulate the temperature of the water while we shower, but in less than a second they precisely compensate for changes in ...

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Find spare parts

Here you will find the original spare parts, both current and historical products.

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Catalogue and brochures

Here you will find Ramon Soler catalogues and brochures with all the information about current and historical products.

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