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At Ramon Soler, we consider CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY our reason for being and for evolving into the future, as it generates a sense of belonging to society and of care for each person in particular, as well as respect and care for the environment.

Corporate social responsibility is essential for good governance and transparency in the management of the company, they help to generate trust both among employees and with customers and suppliers. The essential axis is our commitment to good practices, respect and a proactive attitude towards the well-being of all the groups involved in our activity: employees, suppliers, installers, clients, users, it is the hallmark of the Soler family since 1890 .


People with disabilities are an important sector of the population that should not be forgotten as they need more attention to be able to carry out their daily activities.
At Ramon Soler we believe it is necessary to overcome the obstacles they have in addition to working to spread the need for them to stop being limited by society, which is still reluctant to show inclusiveness to this vulnerable group.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), people with disabilities make up one of the most marginalized groups in the world, presenting worse health outcomes, participating less in the economy and obtaining lower academic results. Unfortunately, all of this evokes a higher rate of poverty compared to people who do not have disabilities.

For this reason, we collaborate with various associations and foundations dedicated to helping people with disabilities and illnesses, thinking of offering their help that they also want to reflect in various designs of taps that facilitate their use so that anyone can easily dispose of them.

Ramon Soler makes numerous donations to help different causes, in addition to collaborating with some foundations, federations, consortia and campaigns, among others. The collaborations have been the following:

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Actions in Uganda

Ramon Soler has joined 26 companies to collaborate with the donation of glasses for the children of Uganda by collecting a total of 630 glasses. In this project, 2,986 boys, girls and school teachers in Uganda were evaluated to identify those who need treatment to improve their visual health in addition to treating some specific cases of eye infections and other similar cases.

Ecovadis bronze medal

Ramon Soler® has obtained the EcoVadis bronze medal certification, this year 2020, thanks to its continuous improvement in the social and environmental footprint. Its objective is to improve the environmental and social practices of companies, allowing them to focus their priorities on sustainability. The firm follows a business ethic that respects the environment, human resources, human rights and purchasing practices, counting on an improvement in transparency and sustainability.


The success of our company is due to the excellent work of all the collaborators that are part of the company. We take great pride in the way the team consistently demonstrates integrity and ethics, both professionally and personally. The good conduct of the workers is essential for the development of our services and products since it allows us to maintain our reputation in the market and continue to grow as a benchmark in the faucet sector.

Our people and talent management policy is focused on integrity, equal opportunities and family conciliation for all employees of our company. At Ramon Soler we promote personal and professional development so that our employees can achieve their objectives through constant training, through our training plan and professional career plans.

Our firm stands out for constantly working to improve with the aim of attracting and keeping exceptional people and professionals with us. In this way, the contribution of workers to the company gives optimum results.

Well-being and safety

The well-being and safety of our employees are our highest priority, constantly acting in various areas:


In order to preserve the safety and health of all working people and their families and of all company collaborators, since the beginning of the pandemic in Spain we have worked with our Prevention Service to implement preventive measures that minimize risk contagion and facilitate family conciliation in these moments of crisis.

  • Cancellation until further notice of customer and / or supplier visits to our facilities
  • Division of work teams
  • Promote teleworking
  • Facilitate intensive schedules to those people who must attend the company in person.
  • Delivery of masks, bottled water and tissues on a regular basis to all working people.
  • Preparation of an internal action protocol
  • Dissemination of procedures and current regulations to all employees and collaborators of the company.
  • Establishment of hand hygiene points using hydroalcoholic gel. Bathrooms, corridors, presence control points, doors and elevators.
  • Physical division of the plants (F1 and F2) to avoid the risk of contagion between plants.
  • A single merchandise reception point is established in order to centralize the risk of virus entry. This point of entry has fumigation for disinfection of packages and envelopes before being distributed to the recipients.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the entire company is reinforced, as well as its fumigation at the end of work shifts.
  • Two points of ultraviolet light are implanted in the areas with the highest circulation to disinfect the area at the end of work shifts.

We continue working to offer security and conciliation to our entire team. To whom we greatly appreciate your understanding and collaboration.

COVID-19 has become a global pandemic that has shaken humanity. In these moments of health emergency, there is a lot of cooperation to offer supply, through purchase, contributions and collaborations, between companies that supply the equipment for the health and social system. Now more than ever it is important to ensure the safety of people thinking about every detail to avoid contagion. At Ramon Soler we offer a type of electronic faucet with a contactless system based on the opening and closing of the water through presence detectors in which when we bring our hands to the tap, water comes out and when we remove them the water stops coming out automatically. It is a functional method to protect people efficiently and quickly.

Donating to hospitals to fight COVID-19 is an initiative to prevent contagion from the virus by promoting safety with contactless sensor taps that do not need contact with the surface. Ramon Soler has also donated electronic push buttons wall for urinals that do not need to be pressed.

The entities destined to receive the donation are:

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