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We reached the five continents

Ramon Soler is one of the main faucet suppliers in the five continents, becoming a global benchmark. With 130 years of history, it has four flagship stores distributed around the world. These are areas aimed at professionals in the interior design and architecture sector who are interested in incorporating Ramon Soler taps into their projects.

Flagship stores follow style guidelines, offering an orderly distribution with a touch of elegance and avant-garde in each of their interiors. They are located in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Moscow, Mexico City and Shenzen, a set of locations with an international symbol that are keys to success.

The showrooms facilitate the work of architects, interior designers and promoters of all kinds of projects thanks to their permanent exhibition space. In addition, they create a strategic planning template that takes care of every single detail to offer the best to each client.

Flagship stores

Flagship store moscow

Moscow is the location where one of Ramon Soler's flagship stores is located, which is especially important due to its exclusive collaboration with the official distributor of the firm. It is a project that leads the visitor through an experiential journey in which interior design and water are the protagonists.

Flagship store Barcelona

The firm presents its first flagship space in Barcelona where it invites you to discover a wide collection of taps and shower systems. Settling in the heart of the city, in Via Augusta. The interior design, by Carmen Barasona, stands out for its powerful industrial style.

Flagship store Shenzen

The most current trends seek the beauty of nature and move us to the greenest and most sustainable landscapes. To evoke a jungle atmosphere, the walls are covered with wallpaper with plant motifs. In addition, the water will be present live, creating a cozy atmosphere that transmits us relaxation, that state that everyone yearns for and seeks, to escape the daily stress caused by the rhythm of day to day.


Showroom la Soukra

In the Tunisian showroom there is a space that invites you to discover the wide range of Ramon Soler taps exhibited on splendid pedestals and samples for a better view of the products towards users. It is located in La Soukra, a city in the north of Tunisia, of great urban expansion.

Showroom Bukamal

The Bahrain showroom exudes elegance thanks to its orderly layout and the combination of white and black colors that allow Ramon Soler's products to stand out on the black pedestal at the entrance. The interior has four panels, two on each side that show the exclusive taps in different formats.

Showroom Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Ramon Soler feels grateful to have Coprodumat's team of professionals in the Bolivian showroom. They offer environmentally friendly design alternatives, thanks to their S2 and S3 Water and Energy Saving systems, high durability, with a permanent stock of product, a pre-sale and after-sale service where the only mission is to offer a excellent product with exquisite service.

Showroom El Cairo

The Egypt showroom perfectly shows Ramon Soler's taps thanks to its orderly route in which white is the favorite color that makes the products combined with images of water stand out. The high spout taps are shown in the center while the other taps are classified according to the type of collection in the wall areas.