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We assume our responsibility towards the planet following ecological criteria and making eco-efficient products that allow optimizing resources, taking into account the energy that is incorporated into each product and the materials that, during the production stages, require less energy.
Environmental concern and offering sustainable taps is one of the objectives of our philosophy to achieve our manufacturing and distribution in the most environmentally friendly way. For this reason, our taps incorporate more advanced energy and water saving systems, to contribute to preserving the environment now more than ever. Likewise, we have exclusive patents focused on preserving our taps against corrosion.
Ramon Soler stands out for being a company recognized for its contribution to society, respect for people and the environment, incorporating technological innovation with eco-efficient intelligence. In addition, we have different systems to limit the flow efficiently, without loss of comfort for the user.
At Ramon Soler we give special support to the Hotel Sector, that is why we are one of the main suppliers of taps for the hotel industry. We know that Hotels can have a high consumption of water that is not very responsible and for this reason we improve ourselves day by day, perfecting our products for their specific needs and any taps are equipped from the factory in a personalized way at the request of the hotel's technical management or the hospital, to further increase water and energy savings.

How Ramon Soler helps the environment

Water saving system

90% of our taps have a water saving system incorporated from the factory that saves 50% without losing comfort of the user.
In this way we ensure real effective savings by not having to manipulate the tap in your installation.
Other systems are also applied on request and are available for all taps: flow limiters and timers.

Flow and energy saving system

It allows cold opening saving energy consumption and also avoids unnecessary water consumption in bathrooms and kitchens.
Likewise, all our single-lever and thermostatic faucets include the possibility of blocking the maximum hot water temperature with our TERMOSTOP system.

Responsible investment in R+D+I

Preventive Quality

We constantly invest in Preventive Quality , which as its name indicates, prevents through the quality of our products possible problems and lengthens the useful life and comfort of the user by offering durability.
Ramon Soler is especially committed to contributing innovation and solutions to real problems that exist in the market both safety, savings, materials, comfort, quality and easy installation.

In this sense, we are a company that has led the technological advance of the sector in recent years with different patents and utility models, namely:

  • Sacrificial anode
  • Tourbillon water control system
  • Thermostatic faucet safety assembly
  • Quick anchorage systems
  • WC Magnet, hand shower-bidet with double safety lock
  • Magnetic positioning for pull-out kitchens


At Ramon Soler we belong to ECOEMBES because our packaging is recyclable and eco-designed, providing a collective response from economic agents to environmental issues. We promote environmental education by creating a social value that is gaining more and more strength to make people aware of the importance of maintaining an ecological lifestyle to improve the environment for the present and future generations. In addition, we comply with the highest efficiency in the use of resources.

Recyclable materials

Brass is the most recycled material in the world over aluminum, plastic and glass as a whole. Ramon Soler taps are made of reclaimed brass, which is a 100% recyclable raw material. The metal contributes to not worsen the contamination situation since it is a completely recyclable material. At the end of their useful life, the fittings can be recycled unlimitedly by melting it without losing quality. In addition, other parts are made of stainless steel and the cartridge's own plastics can also be recycled. In short, at Ramon Soler we think about the environment, obtaining products that can be recycled in the future, always maintaining excellent quality.

Water saving study

Water is a really scarce good and it is in our hands to take care of it and respect it. Although 71% of the Earth's surface is water, only 2.5% is sweet, of which only 0.4% is found in rivers and lakes. Saving natural resources and enjoying total comfort is possible as we enhance sustainability in the design of each faucet.

From Ramon Soler we carry out studies that demonstrate the benefits of saving water since, the slight extra cost of installing technologies that save resources, benefits the user and the planet in the medium and long term. Without a doubt, it is a first big step towards efficiency.

Housing savings

Savings calculator

Savings in hotels

Savings calculator

Flow limiters

The latest advancement of Ramon Soler has been the adaptation to the new demands of saving water and energy in hotels and hospitals incorporating from the factory some water limiters inside the faucet itself. These flow limiters, being incorporated internally in each faucet, are much more reliable and durable, fulfilling the requirements LEED y BREEAM.

All our faucets and shower systems are prepared to be able to incorporate appropriate internal flow limiters for great water savings without loss of comfort. In addition, our R+D+i team gives the necessary technical advice to be able to comply with the requirements of the BREEAM and LEED certification.

Sustainable taps

Single lever 50%

In a great variety of models with different styles and price segments, technology is integrated that allows to automatically reduce water consumption up to more than 50%, while ensuring maximum comfort water output.

Showers 40%

A technology that saves up to 40% of water without loss of comfort has been incorporated into the sprinklers.

Thermostatic 50%

Ramon Soler® thermostats achieve the perfect temperature in a fraction of a second and also maintain the same temperature throughout the shower. They are equipped with a flow limiter (which can achieve up to 50% water savings) and a temperature limiter button (energy saving).

Electronic 70%

Opening and closing the water by means of presence detectors: when you bring your hands to the tap, water comes out and when we remove them, the water stops coming out automatically, which means a great reduction in water consumption reaching up to 70% savings. It also has the possibility of setting its temperature (maximum 60ºC), which also saves energy. The electronic taps include an anti-vandalism function with a safety system in which, if the solenoid valve is blocked, the tap closes after 90 seconds, avoiding unnecessary waste of water.

Timed 70%

High quality automatic timed faucet for sink and shower, limited flow and easy operation. Intended for community facilities or public premises where savings in water consumption are required, which can reach up to 70% savings. It also guarantees a long duration of the taps in conditions of intensive use.
They incorporate the Quick Set-Up system. A mechanism that allows us to regulate the closing time and therefore the water supply, making responsible use of the planet's natural resources.

Undefined water label

Unified Water Label It is the most widely used environmental classification certificate in Europe, which clearly indicates the maximum volume of tap water, and if the product has been installed correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

This certificate gives the client the security that the product complies with the ecological standards of water saving, it also allows the user to save energy and money, in addition to obtaining the satisfaction of contributing to the improvement of the environment.

In Ramon Soler® we have taps certified with Water Label , being able to get the label with green marking, thanks to the low flow of our taps, without loss of comfort. At the level of ecological labeling, we also have labels from other countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, which also have their own requirements.

The European Water Label System provides general access to a catalog of bathroom products that include the certificate Water Label . Our taps certified with Water Label , They are included in the catalog and anyone who wants to can see Ramon Soler's products by clicking here


The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) , It is an environmental certification of buildings that follows the UK system. This system is increasingly requested due to the high global demand for sustainable buildings that is growing more and more. BREEAM assesses buildings following ranges from energy to ecology. It includes the categories of internal environment, materials, transport, waste, ecology, management processes and the use of energy and water.

Ramon Soler has contributed to the characteristic of using water in buildings to improve the health and well-being of users in interiors. The possibility of adding a water-saving faucet is an easy solution to reduce overall water consumption by a high percentage. This helps to achieve the percentages of reduction in water consumption required by the BREEAM certification.

The taps of Ramon Soler® make certification possible BREEAM in sustainable buildings, thanks to its systems, incorporated in the taps, for saving water and energy and flow limiters.
In addition, our R+D+i team gives the necessary technical advice to meet the requirements of the BREEAM certification.


The certificate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ensures the sustainability of buildings, making available to builders and owners the necessary means to assess the performance of buildings to improve the health of the interiors. This certificate integrates the life cycle of a building that goes from the selection of construction materials to the resulting environment of the building.

There are a series of requirements that projects must meet in order to obtain any of the four certifications they offer: certificate (between 40-49 points), silver (between 50-59 points), gold (between 60-79 points) and platinum ( +80 points). Depending on the points contained in the project, one type of sustainable certification or another is given. At Ramon Soler we have contributed to LEED projects that have helped improve several buildings.

Since Ramon Soler® We have contributed through our taps to LEED projects that have helped improve several buildings. At LEED they are aware that saving water is very important, so from Ramon Soler® we can get from 6 to 12 points , in this category , having the possibility of being able to get to the certificate easily.
In addition, our R+D+i team provides the necessary technical advice to be able to comply with the requirements of the LEED certification.