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About us? Mission, vision,
History Why choose
Ramon Soler?

A soul in transformation

Ramon Soler®, a manufacturer of taps since 1890 based in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona), works in a 16,000 m² industrial warehouse offering a catalog of a wide range of taps and hydrotherapy systems.
Its products stand out for being eco-efficient, aesthetic, comfortable and highly reliable. The firm has created faucet models designed for people, seeking not only to add beauty but also comfort and precision in its mechanisms. For a few decades, they have prioritized research to reduce water and energy consumption in addition to the optimization of materials and production processes.
Ramon Soler® looks to the future and has made very significant changes in his organization in recent years, professionalizing all departments and continuously researching to offer healthy and reliable products. It has become an international benchmark. Its products have been certified with the most demanding regulations and its commercial networks extend to 5 continents, in more than 60 countries.
The firm is highly committed to society and the environment, in addition to betting on new design lines that have set trends, as a result are the more than 120 patents between utility models and exclusive designs that it has developed in the R+D+I department.

Mission, vision, values

Our mission is to create high-tech products but committed to the environment

We create sanitary faucets that, due to the tradition that has been with us since 1890, we integrate high-tech products with comfort features, innovation, eco-efficiency and are committed to a sensory experience of the highest quality for our users throughout the planet.

Our vision is to focus on the quality of both the product and the experience

  • Focusing on excellence in service to customers, suppliers, employees and end users.
  • Being exemplary in our innovation and process engineering, creating highly honest products in their design-quality-comfort-price relationship.
  • Implementing powerful commercial structures in various international markets, with the ambition of being a leading player globally.
  • Being a company recognized for its contribution to society, respect for people and the environment.

Our 5 pillars

Quality tradition
Technological innovation
Service and quality with our distributors
Excellence in consumer experience
Ethics with our employees, consumers, clients and suppliers


Why choose Ramon Soler?



We are manufacturers of taps based in Barcelona since 1890, with an industrial warehouse of 16,000 m2 in San Joan Despí (Barcelona).
In our extensive experience as a faucet manufacturer, we have deposited 115 between patents, utility models and design registrations.
We are currently an international benchmark brand.


We are an international benchmark, we offer more than 2000 products annually that meet quality standards and are certified to the highest standards.


Because we take care of the environment and we are strongly involved in saving water and energy without loss of comfort for the user.

Almost all of our taps incorporate 50% water savings, we also manufacture electronic and timed taps that achieve up to 70% water savings and our thermostats also incorporate energy savings.

For our determined contribution to society through innovations that solve real problems.

We manufacture sustainable solutions and innovations that improve people's quality of life.

Price quality design

Due to our high design-quality-performance-price ratio

We manufacture high-performance taps and the highest technology without ever neglecting aesthetics and sustainability. Our catalog offers a wide range of taps and hydrotherapy systems that stand out for being eco-efficient, aesthetic, comfortable and highly reliable products.

For our after-sales service and spare parts guarantee of more than 10 years.

We offer an after-sales service with maximum efficiency and 24-hour attention. Our products have been certified with the most demanding regulations and our commercial networks extend to 40 countries.

After-sales service
Social sense

For our commitment to people and the social sense of our company.

Our 130 years of history, together with our industrial soul, make us believe in alliances that last over time. People are our main axis.